1 Month Technical & Advance SEO (1 Domain)


1 Month Technical & Advance SEO (Monthly Plan)

Plan includes complete SEO service:
On-page SEO, OFF-page SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO, E-Commerce SEO, Links building, Content sharing on social media, blog post writing, publishing and submitting answers on question & answers site like quora, technical SEO to fix all problem causing low SEO score, remove 404 error, Image optimization and compression, Website content optimization and HTML, CSS and JavaScript minification, CDN setup, Posting on free classified and ad posting website

1 Month Technical & Advance SEO
Plan includes:

  1. Daily link building
  2. Posting on social media
  3. Writing reviews and posting answers on websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Fluther, StackExchange, ASKfm, Ask Ubuntu, Answerbag, Answers.com, etc.
  4. Sharing contents and uploading shareable PDF/Docx document on website like Issuu, Flipbooks, Yudu, Magcloud for link building and publicity
  5. Writing post on different blogs and online journal
  6. Creating web 2.0 sites and dropping link from there. Also dropping tier 2 links on Web 2.0 properties
  7.  Sharing on content curation site like scoop.it
  8. Writing keyword focused blog articles on your website
  9. Technical SEO includes, Google Search console and Google analytics integration, Website indexing, Image optimization, Alt tag setup for images, CSS, Java, HTML minification, Content compression, CDN Setup, Fixing all the major SEO related technical issue in the website, Fixing HTTP 404 – page not found error, removing bad link and CSS which website tries to load from a not found page and causes website to load slow.
  10. Creating short intro videos and uploading it on Vimeo, YouTube etc for links and publicity


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