PHP Project – online book Rental System (For Schools & University)


Simple but Powerful Project for schools and colleges developed with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL. Ready-made project with all the necessary file, instruction manual on how to setup and the cover file describing about the project. Ready to submit as an assignment. Unique code, simple for school level, free support if required.

  • Online Book Rental System
  • Admin Panel
  • Book Management
  • Quick One-Click Rent order Form using JavaScript
  • Details Project Report PDF file to submit along with project

View Demo:
Video Demo :

PHP Project – online book Rental System is a simple PHP, JavaScript and MySQL based web project
which is good for a University or High School Syllabus. The website contain 10-12 dynamic pages
and 3 static pages. Home page, About Us and Contact Us pages are static while all other pages
including books, category, rentbook and all the pages in admin panel are dynamic.

The online book rental system allow a user to rent book online from the website. Once a book is
rented it is no longer available to rent again by other user until the book is returned. The book
which has already been rented will show the name of renter and the date until when it is rented
for. The PHP Project – online book Rental System also has an admin panel which allows
administrator to Add / delete new books, Add/Delete Book categories, View registered users,
Make book available to rent again by submitting it back to the system, View all the books
currently rented. This web project in PHP uses very simple and easy to understand coding and is
very lightweight. No external script, such as bootstrap or PHP library except the Google’s Web
Font for social icons.

View the live project at and feel free to contact if yo
have any question. Contact us on Skype:live:hawkdivetech or email at
[email protected]

This PHP project include the following files:

  1.  Zip archive of all the PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL Database file(
  2. Readme.txt for how to setup the website on your localost or web server
  3. Project Report.pdf

PHP Project – online book Rental System is a simple PHP project designed specially for school and college students. Project is based on clean PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS code and has both static and multiple dynamic pages.


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