Reset or Recover Lost SSH Key Pair for AWS EC2 Linux Hosting Server


This service will help you reset or recover your lost SSH key pair for AWS EC2 server. We send you a new Private key to access your AWS Linux hosting server. You will be able to regain access to your AWS EC2 without any lose of data and hassle. We provide quick and fast delivery, our turn around time is 24 Hours due to different time zone we offer services in, however, we usually get your server accessible within 2 hours.

  • Recover Lost SSH Key Pair, Get a new SSH Private Key for Ec2 Server
  • No Loss of data or website, The hard drive remain intact
  • Quick Support, 100% Money back Guarantee if for some reason your server is still inaccessible and the key does not work.

Please Provide us with login info for your AWS Management Console in the order notes during checkout, to enable us reset the key.

If you’re someone who is a regular user of AWS (Amazon Web Services), it’s not required to tell you how crucial the services are for you, or, how significant it is for you to access AWS EC2 hosting Server. A lot of times, the users find themselves in quite a big trouble when they are not able to access the server or the services. This could happen due to many reasons, but one of the primary ones is losing the SSH Key Pair. Make no mistake – losing the key pair isn’t quite like forgetting the password of your email account. Retrieving it can prove to be a tricky process.

Many users don’t quite understand the sophistication behind the SSH Key Pair, and how it works. As a result, instead of keeping it safe, they treat it like a set of login information of a regular email account. The motive of this content is to inform the users about SSH Key Pair and AWS in general, and the things they should do provided that they happen to lose the keys. SSH in general stands for Secure Shell Protocol, which in layman language is an encryption and decryption mechanism. Amazon uses 2048-bit SSH-2 RSA keys as parts of their Key Pair.

SSH Key Pair and its Significance in AWS

After purchasing the AWS console, at the time of set up or installation, you’re offered SSH Key Pair. These are two keys, one public, and the other private. Amazon uses the public key to encrypt the data, and to access it, you have to decrypt it using the private key. Now, keeping the security of the users in mind, Amazon tends to get rid of the private key after it’s been passed on to the user. The key is not saved in any form on Amazon’s servers. It is therefore quite essential for the users to keep their SSH Key Pair in a secured manner as it can’t be retrieved.

Since the SSH Key Pair is used to encrypt and decrypt your login information, after you’ve lost it, you can’t access their services or the AWS EC2 Server. And since the key, the private one, has been deleted from their servers as well, you can’t get it back in a traditional fashion. The only way to get back your Key Pair is to reset the console altogether. Anyone who gets their hands on your private key can easily decrypt your login information, use the AWS  and get inside AWS EC2 Servers posing as you. Simply speaking, the threats are numerous.

How We Can Help

After you lose your SSH Key Pair, it’s not possible for you to access AWS. On top of that, it’s quite challenging to recover the SSH Key Pair on your own. Unless you have deep technical knowledge of the Linux commands, AWS Services and how they connects or switch hard drive in a EC2 server, in general, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on the SSH key Pair on your own and you may risk loosing your valuable data or website files. In dire times as such, you can count on us.

In very simple words, we offer support services to clients as such who have lost their SSH Key Pair, and are unable to access their AWS EC2 Server. Within a very limited amount of time, we can recover your old SSH Key Pair, reset it, and send you a new one. With this new SSH Key Pair that we send to our clients, they can easily access their AWS EC2 Server like before. There is a minimal downtime of 30 -60 minutes when we reboot and swap the hard drive with a temporary server. And we guarantee not to loose any of your data as the hard drive remain intact.

Why Choose Our Services

Our services, especially when it comes to helping you recover the SSH Key Pair, are the best out there, and for many reasons. First of all, you could expect a great level of confidentiality with us. We are a credible organization, and we believe in keeping clients’ information safe and secure at all costs. Secondly, you could rely on us to do the job with ease and efficiency.

We are able to achieve this credibility thanks to our dedicated team, who are also quite skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to services as such, and mainly AWS. We also offer on time service, that is, we guarantee to solve your problem within 24 hours of the time of placement of your query. Generally, the core retrieval process takes only between 2 to 5 hours.

When you’re in a situation as such, when your SSH Key Pair is lost, and you’re unable to access AWS EC2 Server, you have the option to try and recover it yourself by resetting the entire thing. But as it’s quite clear from the explanation above, the entire process can be quite complicated, technical and challenging. So, it makes sense to hire an expert who has quite an expertise into performing such tasks, and is able to do it without the risk of ruining anything. With our services, you will have your hands on the SSH Key Pair in no time or effort.

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