WooCommerce to Zoho CRM integration with API V2 without any third party Service


Integrate Zoho CRM to your WooCommerce store and record all the sale and purchase data to a Contacts or Leads in Zoho CRM. Create a Lead when someone contacts you through a contact form on your website. Save your Product inquiry to a Lead in Zoho CRM. All type of Zoho CRM integration using latest Zoho API V2 with permanent solution and without any third party automation tool.

  • Create, update or delete records
  • Captures customer’s name, email, phone, amount paid, Item purchased, No of items ordered, Date and time of transaction, Payment Gateway’s transaction reference number and much more. Create a record in CRM based on these information. Read more about this gig below in description.

Integrate your WooCommerce or WordPress store with Zoho CRM and manage all the user’s data at one place without any stress or risk of losing the contact. I will connect your WordPress or WooCommerce store with Zoho CRM seamlessly without the need of any third party automation services. Its just a one time investment and you dont need to spend $$$ every month or each year. It will be programmed in PHP and REST API to use Zoho’s latest API version 2. This API integration method will send all the sales data to Zoho CRM immediately, using which you can automate the task of creating a contact or lead in Zoho CRM immediately as the sale is recorded or the WooCommerce order is created. This API programming is lifetime free as you do not need to pay any kind of monthly charge. I can configure it to update the records if it already exists, or create a records based on the WooCommerce Order, so if the same user exists but the previous order is different from the current order then it can create a contact or lead record otherwise update the records if the order no. is same, anything that you want. In other words, we can setup the API to be used to create, update or delete records based on your condition or workflow. So here are a few example that can be achieved conditionally:

What all can you do with the Zoho CRM API V2 setup without any other automation tool?

  1. Create a new record if the user does not exist
  2. Update the record if user exist in Zoho CRM
  3. Check the user and WooCommerce order #, update the order if the user and Order # already exist.
  4. Create a new record if the user exist but the order number is different ( Optional and totally dependent on  your setup and requirements).
  5. Update the order status in Zoho record automatically when the status of the order changes in WooCommerce such as  Processing, Completed, cancelled or refund.
  6. I will also set up all your contact form to create a lead as soon as someone contacts you or submit the contact form, newsletter or product inquiry form.

What all information are synced to my Zoho CRM or What all information do you put in Zoho CRM Contacts record using the API?

It totally depends upon your requirement and what all fields your contact form has, if this is about contact form to Zoho integration. In case of WooCommerce, the following information can be captured and saved into Zoho CRM Contacts/Leads record.

Customer’s First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Address, City, Zip, Country, Order No., Amount Paid, Currency, Date and time of Payment, No of item purchased, All items name, Payment Status (Either, Paid , Pending, Failed or Processing), Payment Gateway Name (For Ex. PayPal, Stripe, Check, Cash on delivery, etc.), PayPal transaction no. if that is your Payment gateway, Tax paid, PayPal service charge, Customer’s note, Any other custom product meta that you may have setup and which WooCommerce sends you in Order information or order related email. All of those information can be saved in a Contacts or Leads records immediately as the sale is made.

Contact me for any query or questions. 100% satisfaction Guaranted! Level Two seller on Fiverr.com with more than 50 gigs completed on WooCommerce to Zoho CRM integration.

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